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The Rocama industry is specialized in staplers and staples for fastening materials. Established in 1977, Rocama is part of Gram-Serv Metallurgic a 40 year old company which has been in the market operating in two main segments: automotive caps and staples and staplers.

The trademark Rocama was born from the need and demand of customers approaching Gram-Serv interested in getting spare parts and maintenance for staplers. Since then Rocama has developed as a company concerned in investing in technology, quality programs and certifications. One of the major policies of the company is keeping the staff of collaborators of the technical, production and commercial areas through up-date courses and certifications.

Besides manufacturing products with high quality and reputable products that are in the market, Rocama also stands out for excellent customer service, technical assistance and bold design. All of that made by professionals with great knowledge, which in fact are the ingredients that make Rocama brand an expert in their field.

The Rocama has its own area of development and production relying on modern equipment, as well as its own tooling and processes to ensure greater productivity. . The entire process is supported by effective administrative commercial division, composed of trained professionals committed to providing the best customer service.



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