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Hints of Use

Learn some tips and suggestions below on how to use the staplers Rocama.

How to mount your stapler:

Rocama Staplers are sold ready for use. Always use original clips of the brand.

Instructions for placing the clips, go to the Vídeo explanatory:

Usage Tips:

  • Fabric Fixing 
  • Fixing Foam
  • Fixing plastic
  • Paper Fixing 
  • Fixing on wood 
  • Tapestry Décor


Maintenance Tips:

For best maintenance and life to your stapler Rocama states:

  • Keep your staples and staplers in a dry place and protected from sources of heat and moisture
  • Carry your product always carefully 
  • Never use hooks or other material that would violate the product packaging 
  • Always use the original clips Rocama
  • Always read the instructions before using the product.


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